It includes a great range of products to equip your motor or sailing boat. You will find stainless steel, sailing, mechanical, electronic, electrical, plumbing equipment and a great variety of accessories. Inflatable boats, trailers, various products for Water sports such as S.U.P. , kayak and their components. Clothing and swimming garments, such as sailing jackets and trousers, tech cloths, sun glasses, hats, scuba masks, swimming fins etc.

Deck Hardware

  • Hatches, storage and inspection hatches
  • Latches, padlocks
  • Stainless steel fasteners, SS hinges
  • Handles, cleats, fairleads
  • Seats, brackets, tables
  • boat lightning, Spotlights, torches
  • drain plugs, thru hulls, fittings
  • springs, gas springs
  • stainless steel shackles

Boat Equipment

  • Blocks, winch handles
  • Sail bosun´s chairs
  • Footpumpls
  • Infatable boat accessories
  • electric inflators
  • Shades and bimini tops
  • Shades
  • Paddlesoar collars, rowlocks holders
  • Trailer accessories

Electrical, mecanical equipment

  • navigation lights
  • switch panels, Switches, fuses
  • plugs and sockets, electric cables, battery terminals
  • pilot lights
  • speakers, VHF and TV antennas
  • refrigerators, stoves
  • flexible cables for engine control, lever controls


  • Bilge pumps, water pressure pumps, macerators, diaphragm hand pumps
  • Automatic switches
  • Shower boxes, faucets, taps and fittings
  • Tanks, portable tanks, jerry cans
  • Τουαλέτες, κουζίνες, νεροχύτες
  • Fuel and sanitary hoses
  • Boiler water heaters
  • Toilets

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